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Australia's original live cultured yoghurt bar

About Madzoon

Madzoon is Australia's first self-serve low-fat frozen yoghurt and topping bar.

Here's how it works: grab a tub at the kiosk, fill it yourself with a favourite flavour and finish it off with your choice of dozens of toppings.

Australian owned and created, Madzoon yoghurt is fresh and freshly made by you, on the spot. The product hasn't been pre-made or left sitting in a freezer for months, but is made the second you make it, and eaten within minutes of you creating your designer mix. The dairy component is fresh from Australian farms - sometimes within hours.

Madzoon is fresh, live, cultured yoghurt made with your health in mind and is an ideal alternative to ice cream. Powdered and uncultured products are NOT yoghurt, so don't be fooled by the imitators. Madzoon is made from only the freshest and finest ingredients so that you can enjoy the delicious yoghurt taste while your body prospers from the healthy benefits.

Madzoon (The "a" sounds like the "a" in "at") is the Armenian word for yoghurt. (and yoghurt is originally a Turkish word.) Madzoon is not only great 100% naturally-made product but it is the name of our shop and now offers a quick, healthy and fun way to nurture and satisfy.

Madzoon Store Design

Our store design and kiosk concept is the first of its kind in Australia. High-quality materials which calm the soul and are environmentally friendly will add to your Madzoon experience. We provide the benchmark of cleanliness and hygiene levels achievable.